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    Entered: 2012-11-2
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    General: Why doesn't the 'New file' dialog appear?


    Sometimes, when toggling between using one or two monitors during the work day or decreasing the screen resolution, the saved setup properties for the MIKE Zero interface may become outdated. This could lead to a non-valid value in the initial position and size of the ‘New file' dialog which in turn will prevent the user from creating new files.

    If this occurs, you can reset the initial position and size of the dialog by modifying the registry entry:
    -          Open the Registry Editor by writing ‘regedit’ in a command prompt
    -          Goto the FileNewDlg section and right-click the Bottom, Left, Right and/or Top to modify the layout of the dialog to be used the next time it is opened
    -          By e.g. setting the Left and Top to 1 and the Right and Bottom to 400, the 'New file' dialog will appear in the upper left corner