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    Entered: 2012-11-1
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    General: What are the differences between MIKE BASIN and MIKE HYDRO?


    MIKE HYDRO is a new component within the existing MIKE Zero GUI framework used by the majority of MIKE by DHI products and developed without dependency of ArcGIS or other 3rd party software packages. Hence, MIKE HYDRO Basin will allow you to setup and run your water resources management and other MIKE BASIN type of models without the use of ArcGIS.

    Considering the list of features available in the current MIKE BASIN and comparing to the features implemented in the new MIKE HYDRO Basin we have only a few features, which are not yet available in MIKE HYDRO. The Water quality module as well as the Temporal Analyst package has not yet been ported into MIKE HYDRO and hence, if WQ-simulations are to be conducted it will be required to utilize the MIKE BASIN package. Missing features are being implemented during the coming period and will be available in the next major MIKE HYDRO release