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    Entered: 2016-9-30
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    MIKE FLOOD: How can I derive hazard values, from my 2D simulation results?


    You can compute hazard using the Flood Modelling Toolbox.
    To achieve this, open a new Flood Modelling Toolbox, from the MIKE FLOOD folder:


    From this tool, you can specify the coordinate system of the data in the Coordinate System menu, and then load your 2D result file from the Results \ Cartesian Grid menu (for *.dfs2 result files) or from the Results \ Flexible Mesh menu (for *.dfsu result files).


    If you have ticked the box Show, you can now visualise your result file on the map.



    From the left tree view, you can now go to the Flood Tools tab, and select the Hazard Mapping tool. From here, you can select which result file to process, and specify which hazard items should be computed. You can also choose between multiple methods to define hazard.
    Pressing the Generate hazard map button will create one output file containing the dynamic items (computed at each time step) and a second one containing only statistical values.