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    Entered: 2012-11-12
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    General: How can I model a dike in MIKE 21 FM with a time varying crest elevation? 


    As of release 2012, MIKE 21 FM provides a new “Dike” structure type. This structure type allows defining a weir with spatially varying elevation. The weir’s location is defined by a polyline, which can be manually drawn or imported from a text file.


    The crest elevation can also be imported from this text file. It is hence possible to simply define the dike from XYZ scatter points measured all along the dike.


    If you want to model a time varying crest level, e.g. to model a breach, you can apply a crest level change varying in time and in space along the structure. This crest level change must be defined, for each of the points describing the dike’s location, in a *.dfs1 file. This correction is assumed to be positive when the corrected level is higher than the initial value and negative when it is lower.


    Please note that the item type for this *.dfs1 file must be “Bed level change”, as illustrated below.