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    Entered: 2012-11-1
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    MIKE 11: What are the differences between ‘MIKE 11 classic’ and ‘MIKE 1D’ engines?


    The MIKE 1D engine is a reengineering and merger of the calculation capabilities of MIKE’s collection system and river simulation packages (MIKE URBAN / MOUSE and MIKE 11) into one engine. The vision with the MIKE 1D engine is to bring existing functionality of the two engines into one engine to optimize performance and utilize functionality from both domains. The new engine is parallelized and hence is able to utilize multiple cores when available during the simulation. Various other improvements have been done throughout the reimplementation which means that results will have the same dynamic behavior, but will not match exactly the results obtained with the former engines.

    Release 2012 of MIKE 1D is the first release of the MIKE 1D engine. The basic modules are fully implemented, whereas some of the more advanced modules are not yet complete.

    For further information, please refer to the ‘What_is_MIKE_1D.pdf’ document, which highlights the main differences between MIKE 1D and the former engines. This document is located in the installation folder, usually in C:\Program Files (x86)\DHI\2012\MIKE Zero\Manuals\MIKE_ZERO.

    Please also refer to ‘MIKE_1D_reference.pdf’, located in the same folder, containing MIKE 1D’s scientific documentation.