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    Entered: 2017-10-12
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    General – MIKE 2017 Service Pack 1. I have updated MIKE 2017 to Service Pack 1 and now my application runs in DEMO MODE even though it was working fine before the update. What should I do?


    If you have updated to MIKE 2017 Service Pack 1 and get a message when starting MIKE Zero, it is likely that the DHI License Manager is not updated to Service Pack 1. (such as below)




    To troubleshoot this issue:

    1. Check if the DHI License Manager is updated to Service Pack 1 and connects properly.
    2. If not, install the DHI License Manager Service Pack 1, by clicking here.
    3. If you cannot install the Service Pack (e.g. you lack administration privileges), then follow the instructions in Step 3.
    4. If this process does not work, please contact Customer Support at

    Step 1: Check the DHI License Manager and it’s connection.

    Start the DHI License Management program.

    In the top entry dialog, you should see a list of your available licenses.

    • If you see a blank list of “Available Licenses” (see below), or
    • If you get an Error when you click on the “Connect” button,

    there is probably something wrong with the connection to the DHI License Manager.




    Step 2: Install Service Pack 1 for the DHI License Manager

    Click here to download the DHI License Manager 2017 Service Pack 1, and follow the installation instructions.


    Step 3: If you cannot install Service Pack 1 for the DHI License Manager

    If you cannot update the DHI License Manager 2017 to Service Pack 1 due to issues with administration privileges, you can attempt a temporary workaround by defining a specific TCP port. To do this:

    1. Start up the DHI License Management program,
    2. Under the “Host name or IP address”, append the port number “1801”. For example, if the hostname is “apc794”, change the hostname to “apc794, 1801”.
    3. Click on the “Connect” button to verify that the license server is now connected.