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    Entered: 2021-5-31
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    General: I have a problem with installation or license, which information should I send to DHI?


    When you encountered an installation or license issue, please check whether the latest version of MIKE is installed. We always recommend using the latest version as the new features and hotfixes are included. To assist with even better support, please send listed information for further investigation.


    • The logfile generated by running the DHISupportAssistTool.exe (found e.g. in the Program Files (x86)\DHI\{Product-Name}\2021\bin folder). Please note that the License Manager alone cannot generate this file.
    • What is your dongle number or internet license username?
    • Which version of MIKE and update do you have installed /are you trying to install?
    • Do you have full administrator rights?
    • Please send us screen shots of the error messages you receive together with a description of what you have tried to do.
    • Is there any SSL or Proxy server implemented in your network?
    • If a licensing problem, a log from the DHI License Management should be generated: Please see pages 21 and 22 in the DHI License Manager guide on how to generate the file. Please set the logging level to Info and then re-create the error. Then save the logfile by right clicking and exporting to text file.
    • For Internet license, we need logfile NetLmLcw.log which is located in the folder: C:\Users\{user-name}\AppData\Roaming\DHI\LicSys. If these files also exist, then they might also be helpful: NetLmLcw.log.0 and NetLmLcw.log.1